Discover what the locals know - it’s haunted!... Join us for an otherworldly journey through historic Manteo – one of America’s oldest and most haunted towns! The Outer Banks is a land with a turbulent haunted past – from the mysterious disappearance of the Lost Colony to the ghosts of pirates, civil war soldiers and hauntings by ghost ships wrecked in the Graveyard of the Atlantic - and has experienced strange paranormal activity for hundreds of years! 

Escape into the darkness on a lantern-tour with a costumed guide while visiting the most haunted locations throughout historic downtown Manteo. Our tours mix haunted history - where every tale is based on local history, research (and documented hauntings!) - with modern technology, including EMF detectors, along with your own camera to take an active part in investigating paranormal activity. But do be warned - everything that happens on our ghost tours is 100% real. Paranormal activity often occurs and the strange things you may experience are not created by tricks, theatrics or your imagination.

We offer two eerily awesome tours that are great for adults — and fun for kids who aren't afraid of the dark! On both tours, your guide will lead you to several of the most haunted places in the Manteo downtown, including several "hot spots" where guests commonly capture pictures of orbs and apparitions as well as experience other unexplained phenomena.

Ghost Gallery